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Bianca Beach

Partially blind, fully focused.


Intimacy Coordinator

Pilates Instructor

Glaucoma Awareness Advocate

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About Bianca

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Brilliantly bold, partially blind, and born with comedic timing sharper than winged eyeliner, Bianca Beach radiates light and humor into her ambitions, warming those around her with positivity and inspiration. Nicknamed “million dollar eyes,” Bianca is currently fighting against time creating art to help save the vision of millions affected by Glaucoma.

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My Creative Vision

Career Goals & Aspirations


At 6 years old, Bianca saw her first live show & instantly fell in love. 16 years later, her presence & passion for performing live has only increased, as have the number of times she’s played a grandmother. The universe was hinting at something when she played a 60+ yr old at 6.


Heartbroken from the COVID-19 pandemic pulling her out of London during a semester study abroad, Bianca has a goal to cross the pond to live in the city that holds her heart & work on the West End permanently. 

Film & Television

Bianca’s ideal work screen is to be cast in a sitcom; often compared to Zoe Deschanel’s sporadic energy from “New Girl,” she craves an opportunity to be a leading female character & loves rising to a challenge!

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